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У нас Ви зможете пройти он-лайн тестування з іноземних мов. Заповнивши нашу реєстраційну картку та відповівши на запитання тесту, надішліть їх нам. Ми обов’язково надамо Вам відповідь. Ви зможете дізнатись про наявний рівень володіння іноземною мовою.

Крім цього, ми вкажемо на Ваші помилки та на те, на що потрібно звернути увагу у подальшому вивченні мови. Із нашими рекомендаціями Ви можете прийти до нас і розпочати вивчення мови на рівні, який підходить саме Вам. Наші поради обов’язково стануть Вам у пригоді!

1) There was ____________ food in the fridge. It was nearly empty .

2) There ______________ in the bottle.

3) _______ in winter.

4) The book is interesting for __ (me and my friend).

5) ____ Fried work in the University?

6) – “Would you like tea or coffee?” - “ I don't want __________

7) Rome is old but Athens is ______________.

8) John has been in hospital __________ three days.

9) The more I thought about the plan, _______________ .

10) I don't want to go out tonight __________ .

11) I enjoy _________ time on my own.

12) The film ___________

13) They ran out of the shop ____________ for the goods.

14) I would like _______ it.

15) I ______________ by plane now. I have to go to the USA on business every month.

16) He ___________ in love with her the first time they met.

17) It was a great match. The final ___________ was 3-3.

18) Did you see the new ____________ series on TV last night? It's very funny.

19) I`m very sorry but it`s too late. I think __________ could help him.

20) I tried phoning Kate but the line is ____________ . She must be on the phone.

21) She said she _____________ come to the office on Monday.

22) The new computer system _____________ next month.

23) If Tom __________ her telephone number, he will give it to you.

24) She reassured me that she ________ the card.

25) I feel awful that I didn`t lend him some money! I should _________ him some.

26) The youth was found ________ of robbing a bank.

27) A trip to the cinema will help to ____________ the exam.

28) I warn you, if you come late again I`ll _________ you!

29) The company will have its _______________ in the centre of town.

30) I wouldn't say she was smart. She seems quite _____________ to me.

31) Mary is tiered. She ___________ the flat.

32) I don`t earn much money so I can`t afford a house. I wish I _________ more money.

33) I look forward ___ from you in the near future.

34) Her parents don’t want ___ married.

35) The people ___ I saw gave me some good advice.

36) In the office we always have to wear _____ clothes.

37) She ______________ several times to get the dust out of her eyes.

38) An important point ______________ in the meeting.

39) I can`t get _________ my brother.

40) She told me ________ in front of everyone

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